Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more month until...

we find out what we're having!!! Technically it's one month and 1 day, but who's counting? We are!!! Taylor goes back and forth on whether or not it's going to be a girl or a boy. For the longest time she would only say it was going to be a girl and was adament on having a sister. But lately she talks about it being a boy and today at MDO she told her movement teacher that there's a baby brother in Mommy's tummy. Part of me wants to try some of those silly old wives tales that supposedly predict the gender, but I'll probably refrain myself since I know they're not accurate. I guess we'll just have to wait another month (and 1 day) to know! Nick's parents will fly in to be at the ultrasound and spend the weekend with us and we're so excited! They came to the ultrasound when we found out that Taylor was a girl, and we're happy to have them share this one with us, too.
I had another OB appt this morning and everything looks to be fine. I heard the heartbeat again on the doppler - that's a great sound. Oh, how did I forget to mention this?! I'm feeling much better. I still have nausea spells every now and then, and still gag occasionally (lovely, I know) but overall I feel good. And for that I am very thankful!
Since I don't have a picture of baby #2, I'll leave you with a picture of my precious little Taylor taken my friend Lindsay who is a talented photographer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent news

I (Nick) have wanted a lemon tree for a while, so I got one last summer. The tree is only 3-4 feet high, but we just picked the first lemons off it. There were only 4 lemons and they aren't very big but they didn't seem to be getting any bigger so I picked them hoping that that would spur on growth of new lemons.

In other news, Taylor wasn't feeling well last week so Robyn took her to the doctor on Friday. The doctor listened to her lungs and said that she has bronchitis. They prescribed her an antibiotic, which she has been taking now for 3 days. Her cough seems to have gotten worse today, so please pray that the Lord heals her soon. The picture of her below may not seem like a big deal, but she was so tired yesterday that she fell asleep on the couch for almost an hour. She's never done that before, so we knew that she really wasn't feeling well.

Thanks to Taylor's help, I was able to wheel the bags of leaves out to the street.

Oh, and Tay Tay stole some provalone cheese from Walmart today...put it right in her backpack.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you, Publix! I'll see you again soon!

So my trip to Publix was a success! I managed to spend $39.85 and save $59.98! This was possible because of their sales, my coupons (I didn't have coupons for everything), a $10 off $50 Winn-Dixie coupon that my generous and dear friend Morgan shared with me! Thanks again, Morgan! And thanks, Martha, for driving and coaching me through my first trip to Publix! They break it down at the bottom of your receipt and give you a Savings Summary. Mine showed that I saved $10 with the Winn-Dixie store coupon, $6.75 with coupons, and $43.23 with their sales. There were a few sale items that I wanted that they were sold out of, and I got rain checks for those things. As long as I redeem the rain checks within 30 days I get the items at the sale price!
I didn't take a picture of my purchases, so you'll just have to use your imagination, but just know that I got about $100 worth of groceries, etc. for about $40. I will say I bought a couple of things that I normally wouldn't buy, but they're definitely not things we won't use or eat. So all in all, I'm pleased and I will be shopping there again!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So I'm finally going to go to Publix tomorrow. I know (hope) it will be worth it. For my first time (and maybe second and third) I'll go with a friend who knows what she's doing and knows the layout of the store. Tomorrow I'll go with Martha. There have been a few weeks lately that I really wanted to go, I just couldn't coordinate my schedule with any of the other Publix shoppers. I have lots of friends who've been making the 45 minute drive to Fairhope (1.5 hours round-trip) for quite some time now and they continue to do so. I've heard from their mouths and read on their blogs their amazing savings from week to week and how they've drastically cut down on their grocery bills. I've been wanting to try it for months, but just haven't felt up to it physically...or mentally for that matter. It takes A LOT of preparation to look through the sales for the week and get your coupons together, but according to everyone I know who does it, it's well worth it. I mean, after all, I work outside of the home very little and therefore, make very little money, so I'm hoping this will be another way I can contribute financially (in a round-a-bout way). I'm really excited and a bit nervous. I haven't built up a huge collection of coupons yet, so I printed several off the internet tonight. I'm hoping that once I get the hang of it and have more coupons filed away from Sunday papers that it won't take quite as long. But we'll see. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's to hoping!

P.S. And who knows, maybe I'll even take a picture of my loot and tell you how much I spent and how much I saved...if you're lucky! ;)

Here's a funny picture of the tot. The only thing it has to do with this post is that she will be at MDO. Thank goodness for trips to the grocery store without my little "helper" - especially when it will be a long trip.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Party

Taylor had a little Easter party today at MDO and I actually remembered my camera this time. The last few parties I've forgotten it. They had cute little finger sandwiches cut into the shape of bunnies and eggs made my one of the moms, cheese, fruit, cupcakes and juice boxes. Then after they ate they went out into the church courtyard and had a little Easter egg hunt. So cute! In one picture you can see two of the kiddos holding up 4 fingers...they were answering Ms. Tracy's question "how many eggs can you find?"

All Tuckered Out

This is how I found Taylor when I went in to check on her last night. Apparently her belly was a little hot.