Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Christmas Pics

Here are some pictures from Christmas in Grand Bay from last Saturday and some from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Hover your mouse over the picture to see the caption and enjoy!

Like Mother Like Daughter

If you know me well, you know I love presents...and peeking into them before I'm supposed to open them :) I was, and still am, notorious for wanting to open Christmas presents early. And when I was little I usually peeked into (or totally unwrapped then rewrapped) my presents before Christmas morning. Well, it seems that Taylor has inherited this wonderful trait. Earlier in the week I heard the sound of paper tearing and walked over to the tree where Taylor was to find her tearing into her gift from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Erik. So I told her "no" and started to move her away from it, but I just had to get a picture and a video of her first. The wrapping paper was ripped from being shipped from Florida, so I guess the temptation proved to be too much.

"All Done"

First let me say, "No I'm not pregnant, nor do I want to be right now." Ok, now I can proceed with my story. Nick and I were talking about babies and big families, etc. and Taylor chimed in with her opinion. She basically told us that she wants to be an only child when she said, "All done." Nick and I immediately cracked up. Too bad for Taylor she doesn't get a vote. Not to mention we know we want more than one.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope y'all had a wonderful day! We did and will post pictures soon...I promise. It was is the low 70's here but we didn't let that get us down. Nick built a fire this morning anyway. Yep, I said Nick built a fire. And the AC was running in the background. It made for some nice pictures, though. We had a nice morning, opening presents and taking pictures of Taylor. Then we had Robyn's mom and stepdad over for a big lunch and everything was soooo good. That was my first time to host a big meal and I think it went quite well. I think that accidentally leaving the butter out of the pecan pie was the only mistake (and no one even knew it - I just realized it awhile after they left when I opened the microwave and found the dish of melted butter.) Then it was naptime for Taylor and mommy and daddy. Robyn's dad and stepmom stopped by for a quick visit on their way back in town. And we wrapped up the night by driving around looking at Christmas lights! Taylor loved the lights and kept pointing at them while saying her version of "lights" everytime she saw them. We had a great time riding around being a happy little family.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just wanna give a shout out to my hard-working, smarty-pants husband who passed the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) Certification Test this past Saturday! Yay Nick! He's been studying hard since September and read a total of about 1300 pages, six books in all. Yesterday, he said, "I could never go to medical school." He'll get his official score in a few weeks, but for now all he knows is that he passed and he's thrilled!!! Way to go, Nick! I'm proud of you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Orleans Bowl

We went to the New Orleans Bowl Sunday night and saw a good football game and a lot of old friends. We had a great time and since we left Taylor at home with Robyn's dad, we felt like a couple of young college kids again. Unfortunately Troy lost the game in OT though. Since just about every post that we've made lately has had pictures, I won't stop the trend.

Front row. That's how we roll.

No need to call the replay booth--it was a touchdown

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Friend

Taylor made a new friend while we were in Birmingham a few weeks ago. Nick and I got to have a short but sweet visit with Trey and Joy, some friends from college, and their precious little girl, Ella Joy. She will be 2 in February and is just cute as can be! They didn't really play "together" that much but I think they had fun regardless. And Taylor quickly became fond of's amazing what some goldfish crackers can do. :)


Sorry my posts have been so few and far between lately. I hope to do better. Here are a few pictures of Taylor "coloring". One day last week I decided to give her some crayons (supervised, of course) and see what she'd do. She liked them, but not really for coloring. More for putting in her mouth, playing with, putting back in the box after dumping them all out, etc. We colored a picture for Daddy and put it on the fridge for him to see when he got home from work. He loved it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back home

We had a great time on our vacation in B'ham and St. Pete but we are glad to be home. Taylor is especially glad to be home because our vacation threw her sleep schedule all out of whack. But she's napping pretty good again now that we're home. We'll post more pictures and a better update later, but for now here's a slideshow of pictures from Taylor's first trip to the beach.

p.s. say a prayer for Tay Tay. she's got a bad diaper rash.