Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Love for the Mama

This is the conversation Taylor and I have everytime I pick her up from Mudder's Day Out.

Me: I missed you today!

Tay: I missed Daddy. I want Daddy hold you.

Me: Daddy can't hold you, he's at work. Did you miss Mommy?

Tay: I missed Daddy.

I guess it's true what they say...absence makes the heart grow fonder. And since she's away from Daddy much more than Mommy, her heart clearly is fonder of Daddy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful that they love each other so much! It would just be nice to hear her say she misses me, too. :) I kinda think it's a game now, though. One can hope, right?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Note to Self...

Always, I repeat, ALWAYS have an extra pair of clothes for your child in their diaper bag or at least in the car. Along with that, always have those nice little scented bags or some kind of plastic bag to put nasty diapers in.

I did these things when Taylor was a baby, but have since slacked off...as in, I never have these things with me. Until now. That will change after our little incident in Target. The whole trip was pretty much frustrating, but I'll spare you all the other stuff. Just know that Taylor had a dirty diaper pretty soon right after we got there. I thought it was just a little poop, or maybe even alot of poop, but I had no idea what was to come. So, my stinky daughter and I continued to look around the clothes department and proceeded to the dressing room (where nothing worked, might I add) but I decided that since I didn't have one of those aforementioned bags for stinky diapers that I would continue shopping and just wait to change her in the restroom before we left. Then we continued to leave a trail of stink everywhere we went (Taylor, not me) and got a few toiletries. On the way to the checkout I realized that her diaper had leaked onto her shorts and was very noticeable. I could just feel the stares and read their minds..."Woman, could you please take your stinky child and leave?", or "I wonder if she knows there is diarrhea on her child's shorts or should I tell her?", or "Good grief! Where is that coming from?"

After I checked out, and forgot to use my coupon (dang it!), we walked into the restroom. Thankfully they had one of those changing stations, which I'm sure was covered in germs. But oh well. There was this cute pregnant woman washing her hands who said something like, "Girl, you have a mess to deal with!" We conversed and she tried to help me out by offering to get me a Target bag, but I was Johnny-on-the-spot and had quickly thought to consolidate my bags so I could use one I already had to put her dirty shorts in. I know, I'm so green. Anyway, her diaper was like nothing I've ever seen! I don't know if it was the frosted mini wheats she ate yesterday or what, but it was a mess! I decided to spare the other shoppers and staff and throw the diaper away outside. It would have been just plain cruel had I not.

The whole point in saying that I needed a change of clothes for her was that I needed to run another errand, but didn't want to take my 2 year-old in just a diaper and a shirt. So we headed home instead. Next time hopefully I'll be more prepared!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures from first day

Too cool for school






She Did Great!

Today was Taylor's first day at Mother's Day Out, or Mudder's Day Out as she likes to say, and she did great! Sweet Nick went in late to work so we could all go together to her first day and so he could take some pictures (which he'll post later because I don't know how to take them off the new camera). No tears at drop off or throughout the day, I'm happy to say. However, one of her teachers said she did ask to go home once or twice and she also said "I wanna go see Daddy." But she asks to see Daddy even when she's home with me, so that's no big surprise. Sweet, yes...surprising, no. She does looove her Daddy! But they said she had fun and was very good. Yay!

The color of the week is red and the shape they'll be working on is a circle. She colored a picture and helped another little boy color his, too. She also made a necklace today with colored plastic beads and a wooden cross and the teacher said she was the best at stringing the beads. I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but I promise I'm not - I just want to have a record of these things since my memory fails me (this must run in the family - if you've read Shelley's blog lately, you know what I'm talking about). On Tuesdays they do "movement" which I guess is kind of like P.E., and on Thursdays they work on Spanish! I'm super excited about this since she is part Cuban after all. Funny story about Movement today - Taylor was playing with a ball and according to the teacher dropped it intentionally. Before she could pick it up another kid took it (of course I'm wondering which kid this was so I can tell him/her what's up) and Taylor just looked up at the nearest teacher and said, "Ms. Tracy..." - I can just picture her doing this. And I'm impressed that she called her by name!

Now I know that every day probably won't be this great, but I'm glad the first one was and that she didn't get in trouble!

Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mother's Day Out

Today is supposed to be Taylor's first day of Mother's Day Out, but she has the Croup and had to stay home. She is currently still napping...nearing 3 hours, which she never does! I know she needs it though, because she didn't sleep well last night. And neither did I because I slept in her room, too. I just got off the phone with one of the nurses at the pediatrician's office and for now I'll continue to treat her at home, unless of course she gets worse in which case I'm to call the Dr. back. I have a feeling she won't be well enough by Thursday to go to MDO, so it's looking like she'll miss the first week. I hope all the other kiddos haven't already made their new best friends and left out my Tay Tay. Ok, she just woke up - gotta go.