Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't hate me because...

I have cool shoes. Tay got her first pair of New Balance tennis shoes. We've been talking for awhile about getting her some grey New Balance and we finally did it. Aren't they sooo cute?! We bought them a little big in hopes that she can get alot of use out of them. Can you buy tennis shoes for kids that are more economical than these? Yes. But can you buy tennis shoes for kids that are cuter than these? Absolutely not! I mean, there are a ton of tennis shoes out there, but the majority of them are not my style. So we bit the bullet, and bought some that are adorable, not to mention better for her feet than some of the cheap ones. I'm all about buying quality shoes for kids while their little feet are developing. We hope you like her shoes, but it's ok if you don't. We love them.
P.S. The "outfit" doesn't do them justice, but we don't have any other pics of her in them.

Just in case you're wondering...

No, Taylor has NOT taken another 3 hour nap. It must have been a fluke! She must dislike me and the thought of me being very productive during her naptime. Several days in a row after her most wonderful 3 hour nap, she slept for only an hour and twenty minutes or so. And this past Thursday, she only slept an hour. I was SO MAD! One might ask, "Why didn't you just leave her in there? She'd probably fall back asleep." I would answer, "I tried, but she was screaming bloody murder. No, she absolutely would not fall back asleep." So on Friday, when my mom and step-dad came to babysit while I had a stress test done (more on that later), she slept for 2 and a half hours. Like they had anything to do but play with her...and she decides to take a great nap! Yep, she's definately plotting against me and doesn't want me to get stuff done. So I will keep her on her one nap a day schedule and hopefully she'll fall into a 2-3 hour nap pattern very soon. Believe me, we both need it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Taylor took a 3 hour nap yesterday!!! I hope she does the same today...and for many, many days to come.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus! He is Risen! We had a great day - church, home, Mama's for lunch, home again for naps and a quiet evening around the house. Taylor got her first Easter basket this year. The first thing we bought to put in it was a book called "What is Easter?" that I found at Target over a month ago. I almost started crying in the middle of the store when I read it. Then when I told Nick about it I did tear up. It goes through many of the things associated with Easter, like dying and hunting eggs, new dress/hat/shoes, easter bunny, etc. Then it talks about the REAL meaning of Easter...Jesus dying for our sins and being raised three days later. So that's of course my favorite thing we gave her. She also got a recorder (a.k.a. flutaphone) which she loves and cracks herself up when she blows on it, 2 pieces of candy, a ball, and some animal crackers...random, I know. Then in her basket at my mom's house she got a card, some money for her piggy bank, pink playdough that mama made, a cookie cutter and some stickers. We had a good Easter meal at Mama's with Mama and Neil, and my step-sister and her family, Melanie, David, and Kaitlyn. Mama also made some jello so the girls could do jello jigglers and they turned out cute. Taylor didn't like the taste of it but liked squishing her fingers in it. Oh, I almost forgot, the dress Taylor wore was made by my mom for my older sister when she was 3. Then, I wore it, last year Ella wore it, and this year Taylor wore it. How special!