Friday, June 27, 2008

This is what happens...

...when Mommy tells me "no" or takes something away from me that I want to play with but am not allowed to have. I don't do this every time just sometimes. So don't think I throw tantrums and cry every time I don't get my way.

Can you do this?

Taylor spends most of the day with her tongue turned sideways, or sticking it out showing it to you, or touching it. And when it isn't sideways, she's probably eating or sleeping. I mean she is absolutely fascinated with her tongue. And if you let her, she'll try to touch yours, too. Nick says he didn't know a tongue could be so cute. Spoken like a smitten Daddy, right? So Taylor wants to know, "Can you do this?"

P.S. Please excuse the nakedness :)

Taylor's New Toys

Taylor is crawling fast and all over the place...I mean EVERYWHERE! She likes to crawl into the kitchen among other places and has discovered how to open some drawers! This is one of her new favorite places to play and here are some of her new favorite toys. Perhaps she'll be a gourmet cook one day...which she will have to learn from someone other than her mommy. Or maybe she'll just be a foodie...wait, I think she already is.

Nick's pride and joy

This is one of Nick's most recent projects and one of the ones that brought him great happiness. He's been wanting to mount his guitars on the wall for a long time now and it's finally done. There were a few different ideas he had but for various reasons this is how it turned out. And we think it looks great! For some reason he didn't take a picture of the acoustic, but it's mounted alone on a small wall and looks good by itself. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Little Musician

This is one of Nick and Taylor's favorite pastimes lately. It's really cute to watch him teach her things, especially things that he enjoys. In case you're wondering why we have a piano in our house when neither of us know how to play (besides chopsticks and Nick knows soem chords), we're just housing it for some family who has no room for it right now. Taylor was having a blast banging away on it earlier today.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Robyn

Robyn would never post about this herself, but today is her birthday. Taylor and I are so very glad to have her.

Here's a family picture we took tonight.

Last week

Last week was a rude introduction into homeownership. Towards the beginning of the week, Robyn was in the house while Taylor napped and heard a loud noise outside. She went out to see what happened and was very surprised to find that a 40-50 foot tall tree in our backyard fell on top of another 40-50 foot tall tree and both were propped up on our neighbor's fence. We're very blessed to have great neighbors and they told us not to worry about it and said they'd help us cut them the rest of the way down. Then a day or two later Robyn is home alone and starts doing laundry. A little while after she started she walked into the bedroom and there was standing water covering about 1/3 of the bedroom floor. I rush home from work and help sop up the water until we run out of towels. I call the plumber, who showed up not very long later, and he runs a snake down a pipe and pulls out a big ball of roots that grew into the pipe, causing a block, causing the water to back up to the toilet.

That's the short version of both stories. Both had us frustrated at the time (the plumbing problem more so), but both could have been a lot worse. Hopefully this week won't see any big problems like that!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick Little Update

I'm at work, in between clients, so I thought I'd write a quick little update on the goings-on at the Villacampa house. Taylor is 10 months and 1 week old and really fun...eventhough she wasn't quite herself yesterday. Yesterday morning she woke up at 5 and today she woke up at 4! I think her gums are bothering her and she might be a little congested. Anyway. She is now doing a real crawl, but still with the occassional army crawl on her tummy. One morning last week she was army crawling and I said, "Taylor, crawl on your hands and knees like a big girl" and she immediately did. It was so funny, like she knew exactly what I said. Then last night Nick was leaving for a meeting at church she said, "Bye Da" and Nick and I looked at each other and laughed. We thought, "ok, she didn't really say that, I'm sure it was a fluke", THEN she said it again. Lately she has grown to love a few of her stuffed animals, namely her bear and dog. I'm trying to teach her to hug and kiss them and she seems to be getting the hug pretty well, but does the typical-open-mouth-kiss that babies do. Cute! She's working on saying "bear" - she says it, but it's kind of one of those things where we know what she's saying because it's always in context. Nick and I say we're not going to be those parents who think their child has the most advanced vocabulary development when really it's just jibber jabber and the parents just hear what they want. With that said, she really did say "bye da" and "bear". For real. :) Ok, this "quick little update" has turned into a long update.